Children’s Edutainment in Motion

The ItsIts are characters who’s amusing stories and antics “edutain” (educate and entertain) kids. ItsIts are attention-grabbing and stimulating. The practical messages they teach, help children learn how to connect their feelings to their behavior. Being taught by cartoon characters is exciting and encourages learning.The ItsIts were created to help kids develop emotional balance between six emotional needs, inherent in everyone. These six needs are: Self-Love, Self-Power, Intimacy, Solitude, Equality and Influence. Each ItsIt represents one of these emotional needs.Becoming a self-confident, capable and happy adult requires the ability to identify and understand these six emotional needs and how to create positive balance between them. Remember, every day without thinking, we try to fulfill one or all of these needs. How we go about this task impacts how positively we think, feel and act.

The ItsIts each have a symbol in their stomach and when animated, these symbols offer kids a visual learning experience into their own inner feelings. The symbols are designed to change whenever the ItsIt face different situations, conflicts or circumstances that happen daily on the Island of ItsItville, the home of the ItsIts. Lurking in ItsItville, deep in the muddy swamp of the island, is K-OS the bully, a character who delights in causing trouble and bullying the ItsIts. Through different scenarios presented, by the ItsIts, children begin to absorb and understand how emotional balance will help them successfully deal with bullying or other types of difficult issues and also help them make better decisions and choices.

Learn more about the wacky ItsIts below.

Hi, I’m ItsMe, the Self-Love ItsIt – I represent your Self-EsteemI’m kind, gentle, klutzy and a peacemaker, but when pushed, I have a temper. My tender heart gets holes in it when I am hurt or someone else is being hurt. I help kids to love and respect themselves so that they can build positive self-esteem. I don’t like anger. My favorite saying is, “Give me a wink.” I play the keyboard. My hidden secret … I pretend I am a conqueror.
dynomi Hi, I’m Dynomi, the Self-Power ItsIt – I represent your Self-ValueI’m independent and optimistic. I love being responsible. I teach kids to increase their self-value, which is powerful. I don’t have patience for negativity. I can become sarcastic when upset or mad. My lightning rod falls sideways when I feel threatened. I don’t like whiners. My favorite saying is, “Power Up.” I play the drums. My hidden secret … I’m afraid of anything that has more legs then me, even if the creature is little.
 chitchat Hi, I’m ChitChat, the Intimacy ItsIt – I represent CommunicationI’m friendly, understanding and a wee bit chatty. I say what I mean, mean what I say, but never say it mean. I’m easy to hang out with because I’m also a good listener. I teach kids about relationships. My sun dims when there is trouble or things become stressful. I don’t like gossip and my favorite saying is, “Go take a slide.” I rock on the guitar. My hidden secret … I cry easily.
 solo Hi, I’m Solo, the Solitude ItsIt – I represent Choices I’m the thinker!I’m the thinker! I like to understand my feelings and have a good sense of humor. I teach kids to explore their feelings and thoughts so they have a better understanding of themselves and others. I also help kids make good choices. I cover up my stomach whenever I feel I need to protect my inner self. I don’t like sarcasm or mean jokes. My favorite saying is, “I gotta think, I gotta think.” I play the fiddle and saxophone. My hidden secret … sometimes I wet the bed.
 eq Hi, I’m EQ, the Equality ItsIt – I represent RespectI’m curious and accepting. I’m fair-minded and teach kids that different is good and everyone is valuable. Sometimes I stutter, so I don’t like teasing. My rainbow turns black when others are discriminating or disrespectful. I’m a singer and play the tambourine. My favorite saying is, “I’m likin’it.” My hidden secret … I would like to become a human boy or girl for a day.
 driver1 Hi, I’m Driver, the Influence ItsIt – I represent your SuccessI’m a good leader, but not pushy. I’m logical and make things happen without anyone getting hurt. I teach kids to be motivated and want to be successful. I can be a little bossy if things aren’t happening fast enough, and I love achieving my goals. I don’t like liars. My favorite saying is, “Bend a toe.” My gears get begin turning when there is a situation I can’t seem to handle. My hidden secret … I am afraid of the dark.
 k_os I’m K-OS, and I’m a Bully – I represent Confusion and TurmoilI’m nasty, and uncaring and like to intimidate the ItsIts. I chew on rocks and spit and bully someone until they are upset or I get what I want. Those ItsIts and their music make me want to puke. Me and my bully friends plan to take over ItsItville. Those ItsIts won’t be singing then. My favorite saying is, “Hit the dirt.” My hidden secret … I wish I could have as much fun as the ItsIts.
 shrink I’m Shrink, the wise, but not so old, Owl – I represent WisdomMy wisdom and insight is exceptional when it comes to understanding emotions, thoughts and behavior. I can be somewhat of a grump when my routine is upset. I’ve been living peacefully in my tree, but that all changed when the ItsIts came to me. Why, oh why, did they pick my tree to build their treehouse, mercy me. My favorite saying, since the ItsIts came into my life is, “Lock your lips.” My hidden secret … It’s fun sharing my tree with those little ItsIt critters, even if they are noisy.